(41) Visualizing health scores

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The results of health risk assessments (HRA) are often returned to patients using some form of summary score. The goal of this image was to make an abstract (and arbitrary) HRA score have more intuitive meaning.

What’s special about this image?

This graphic relies primarily on a color gradient to make the health risk assessment score have an intuitive / emotional meaning (in other words, to make clear whether it is good vs. poor). The verbal labels above are complemented by the face icons to reinforce an emotional meaning to each category.

This image appears to inflate people’s sense of how healthy this person is. We do NOT recommend this image.
  • My goal
  • Classifying risks
  • Raise or lower concern
  • Awareness of risk
  • Details or gist?
  • Gist understanding
  • Data I have
  • Test result
  • Health conditions
  • Overweight
  • Smoking
  • Graphic type
  • Number Line Graph
  • Color gradient
  • Icons