(47) Putting outbreaks of disease into context

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This image communicates the case counts of an outbreak of disease (here, measles) in a way suitable for a news story. The challenge is to present information about the relevant population in a way that draws attention to the risk but also reminds people of its (current) rarity.

What’s special about this image?

This display merges a pie chart showing how small Brooklyn is compared to the US as a whole and an icon array showing the proportion of measles cases in each group. The icon array is made more interpretable by the addition of the lines that clarify how many total dots there are and how many are actual measles cases.
  • My goal
  • Differences in likelihood
  • Raise or lower concern
  • Awareness of risk
  • Details or gist?
  • Gist understanding
  • Data I have
  • Case counts
  • Population risks
  • Health conditions
  • Measles
  • Graphic type
  • Pie chart
  • Icon array