(73) The benefits of positive behavior change

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This visual tries to show risk reduction in a way that reinforced positive benefits of work that has already been done by the patient.

What’s special about this image?

This line graphic uses the separation between the straight and curved lines to show the change in risk due to weight loss. Callouts clearly present the "before" and "now" risk numbers. The (unlabeled) x-axis appears to be representing time, and thus the natural implication is that the risk reduction may grow larger as time progresses further.
  • My goal
  • Classifying risks
  • Raise or lower concern
  • Details or gist?
  • Gist understanding
  • Data I have
  • Benefit estimate
  • Test result
  • Health conditions
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Weight loss
  • Graphic type
  • Line graph
  • Area graph